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Compensations for a Whiplash

Compensations for a Whiplash

Whiplash compensations due to a car or domestic accident can be handled by one of our personal injury solicitors in London. Injuries to the neck are quite frequent and can impact the life of a person for a period of time or permanent. Those interested in whiplash compensations should ask for legal guidance and support from our advisors who have experience in this field.


What is whiplash?

Whiplash is associated with neck injuries due to car accidents, but not limited to these. Such neck injuries can incapacitate a person to continue with his/her life and daily activities. Some persons might not go to work for a few months or years if the injuries are severe. No matter the case, it is recommended to ask for support from our legal advisors who can use the whiplash claim calculator. This is how you will find out how much compensation you can receive. Here are extra details about whiplash that you might want to consider:

  1.  Neck injuries might be mild or severe, depending on the accident.
  2.  In most cases, neck injuries are consequences of car accidents.
  3.  An involuntary and violent neck movement can cause whiplash and severe spinal injuries.
  4.  In severe cases, neck injuries can cause permanent damage and even paralysis.

It is important to have access to a whiplash compensation calculator and see how much money you can receive in such a case, especially if the car accident wasn’t your fault. One of our personal injury lawyers in London will take your case, make some verifications, and then propose a whiplash car accident claim.

How much money can I claim for whiplash?

This is often the question asked by our clients, for which we can offer immediate legal advice and support. A whiplash injury will depend on the severity, discomfort, and symptoms, to mention a few details in this matter. In some cases, persons might not be able to go back to the life they used to have, the workplace being involved too. The whiplash compensation calculator used by our advisors will reveal the approximate amount of compensation you can receive. For instance, for mild whiplash, persons might receive around GBP 3,000, while cases where the spinal nerve is severely damaged, might be subject to around GBP 100,000 in terms of compensation. Please feel free to talk to our advisors and find out more about compensations for whiplash.

FAQ about whiplash

1. How can you prove you have whiplash?
A professional medical diagnosis will prove you have whiplash. When claiming compensation, your personal injury solicitor in London will ask for specific documents before the process starts, including police reports. Then, the compensation claim calculator will be used, with information about the injuries and health status.

2. Can I make a whiplash claim?
Yes, you can solicit our support for whiplash car accident claims, whether you are a driver, a cyclist, or a pedestrian who suffered an accident. The same thing is available for persons who were involved in a bus accident or any kind of road traffic accident.

3. How much money can I claim as whiplash compensation?
The type of injury and severity will stand at the base of a whiplash car accident claim. Complete legal advice can be provided by our personal injury lawyers in London.

4. What can I claim in cases of whiplash compensation?
In whiplash claim compensations persons receive a particular amount of money, depending on the severity of the case. The medical and travel expenses, loss of earnings, general damages, and psychological trauma will be attentively measured in a whiplash claim compensation case. One of our advisors will tell you more if you get in touch with us.

5. What types of whiplash injuries are available?
Minor, moderate, and severe whiplash are taken into consideration when claiming compensation. Persons can gain from a few hundred pounds to approximately GBP 6,000 for minor whiplash. Feel free to talk to us and find out more about your rights and chances of success.

We have gathered a few facts and details about whiplash and car accidents that you might find interesting:

  •  Around 500,000 whiplash incidents take place in UK every year;
  •  About 70% of personal injury claims are made through motor insurance in UK on a yearly basis;
  •  Severe whiplash cases can lead to around GBP 100,000 claim compensations;
  •  Most whiplash cases appear due to car accidents, but not limited to these.

Persons who want to know more about compensations for whiplash are invited to contact our team of personal injury solicitors in London. Our team can provide complete and immediate legal advice, leading clients to the best possible results.