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Trips Liability Claims

Trips Liability Claims

Have you been abroad and experienced slips, trips, and falls? You can claim compensation for the accident suffered. Whether it is a business or pleasure trip, you can make slips trips, and falls claims. In the following lines, our personal injury solicitors in London will explain what you need to do for trip and fall claims. We are here to tell you more about trips liability claims.

Cases of slips, trips, and falls – When are you entitled to make a claim?

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which tourists have unwanted accidents in the country they are visiting. If you too have been involved in such accidents, you should know that you can make slips trips, and falls claims, with the help of our personal injury lawyer in London. Here are some examples in this regard:

  • Accidents that occurred on unmarked wet surfaces, in public or private spaces.
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents on undeveloped land.
  • Accidents in places such as bars, supermarkets, and even public transport.
  • Unexpected obstacles and poor lightning.

People who have an accident can immediately make trip and fall claims, regardless of the country where the unpleasant incident took place. With the help of our personal injury solicitor in London, you can benefit from compensation for the traumas you have suffered. It is good to contact a specialist, from the moment the accident occurred, especially if it was not your fault for the respective circumstances. We are here to explain everything you need about slips trips and falls claims.

What can happen after a slip, trip, and fall accident?

Without a doubt, falling accidents are unpleasant and often happen when you least expect them. Wet floors, cracked pavements and the obstacles in the perimeter where you were at the time were enough to cause you problems. Following such accidents, the people involved can suffer broken bones or other limbs, hit their heads, and lose consciousness. In such cases, those found guilty and who have to pay are those from the local council that deals with the maintenance of the respective area or building. Therefore, you have every right to make trip and fall claims.

When should I make trip and fall claims?

Slips, trips, and falls claims can be made with the legal help offered by our personal injury solicitors in London, as soon as the accident has occurred. Of course, you have to recover and be helped by one of the family members to initiate this step, but it is important to act in time to win your rights. We recommend those interested in slips, trips, and falls claims contact one of our specialists and benefit from immediate legal advice and support.

Why make slips, trips, and falls claims?

It is very important to know your rights when you travel abroad and have unpleasant accidents. Hospitalization and treatments can cost a fortune, especially in a country where the insurance you have may not be sufficient for the problems encountered. Even if you bear the costs, you must bear in mind that they can be returned to you, if you make slips, trips, and falls claims.

Here are some statistical data about slips, trips, and falls claims:

  • The costs of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace, for employers are around GBP 500 million per year.
  • The health service in the UK allocates around GBP 133 million per year to accident cases, either at work or elsewhere.

If you want information about slips, trips, and falls claims, we advise you to contact us. Our personal injury solicitors in London are at your disposal with specialist advice for these problems.