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Serious Injury Solicitors

Serious Injury Solicitors

Serious injuries from various situations can severely impact a person’s life. Spinal cord or brain injury and even amputations are among the most severe injuries for which you can claim compensation. Our serious injury solicitors can represent your case and get the compensation you want to get over this type of problem a little better. You can also be guided, for the case presented, by our spinal injury solicitors.

Types of serious injuries for which you can claim compensation

Amputations, brain and spinal cord injuries, fatal accidents, and serious burns are some examples of serious injuries for which one can claim compensation. Cerebral palsy after a road accident is also a severe case for which specialist advice is needed. One can claim compensation within 3 years from the date the accident took place. Let’s review some aspects in this regard:

  • Spinal cord injuries – can occur as a result of traffic accidents or medical negligence. Our spinal injury solicitors can handle claim compensation if you wish. Financial losses due to unemployment will also be taken into account.
  • Brain injuries – and in this case, you can claim compensation. Once affected, a person may lose their job and their whole life may change, especially due to lack of money. One of your family members can discuss claim compensation with us.
  • Injuries after a car accident – Amputation is one of the consequences of a car accident. Considered a serious injury, people in this situation may seek the help of our serious accident solicitors. We can earn the right compensation, so you can see beyond your life.
  • Serious burns are considered serious cases like those mentioned above. Our serious accident solicitors can help you claim compensation.

Therefore, our serious injury solicitors are at your disposal with legal advice regarding the cases presented above. You can call our spinal injury solicitors at any time, either in person or with the help of a family member. It is important to take action and demand your legal rights.

Interim payment facts you should know

Please note that our serious accident solicitors may also handle cases from start to finish. This means that we will also supervise the payments, as is the interim payment. This means that people who have suffered an accident and want to claim compensation can receive money for their urgent needs or to cover recent financial losses. Our serious injury solicitors will handle interim payments in detail.

We work with no win no fee policy

What is important to know is that our serious injury solicitors, alongside our spinal injury solicitors, work with no win no fee policy. This means that customers will not have to pay anything if their case is not successful. Therefore, you will have open communication with our serious injury solicitors and you will find out if the situation presented has a chance to win.

Here are some personal injury statistics in the UK, that might arise your interest:

  • In the period 2020-2021, around 26 clinical negligences were settled for which compensation was received. The value was about GBP 5 million.
  • Compensation claims amounting to GBP 124 million were recorded in the above period.
  • The highest compensation recorded in 2020-2021 was around GBP 3.4 million for personal injury.

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