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Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

Car accidents are definitely unpleasant and can be left with serious consequences, most of the times. In these situations, it is good to know that you have rights and that you can claim compensation. Our team of road traffic accident solicitors can provide you with the necessary legal advice to overcome these problems. Our specialists work on the principle of no win no fee policy to guarantee customers the protection they need from a financial point of view.

Car accident – what to do in this case

People involved in road accidents, either with casualties or deaths are advised to consider specialized help in such cases. Even if initially the impact is so great that no one thinks about what to do immediately, legal advice in these circumstances is more than necessary. Here’s how our road traffic accident solicitors can help you:

  • You can claim compensation with the help of our specialists who will carefully analyze the case presented by you.
  • Videos, medical bills, photos, and police reports are some of the documents needed to claim compensation in the event of a car accident.
  • Our road accident solicitors use a claim compensation calculator to estimate the amount of money you can be compensated with.
  • We will contact the insurance company to claim compensation.
  • Because we have experience in this case, we will be able to negotiate the terms and conditions for compensation for people involved in car accidents.
  • Once the amount is established, we will make sure that the payment is made on time, according to the commitments made.

These are some important steps for claiming compensation in case of car accidents. It is essential to have legal help and assistance in such situations, in order to be able to claim your rights. So, feel free to get in touch with our team of road traffic accident solicitors for detailed information.

Who can claim compensation for road traffic accidents?

Both drivers of vehicles involved in accidents can claim compensation, as well as the families of the victims or other persons indirectly involved in such a situation. What is important to mention is that the compensations following a car accident will be granted depending on the gravity of the situation, the type of injuries, circumstances, and other similar aspects. Whiplash claims can be a solution for people who have had a car accident. But for full details on compensation in such cases, you can talk to our road accident solicitors.

Types of compensation claim

Not everyone is familiar with the types of compensation they can claim in the event of a car accident. In addition to compensation for car repairs or medical bills, people can also claim compensation if the injuries suffered cost them the job and implicitly the income. Treatments and care costs following a car accident are part of the category of compensation you can receive. So, don’t hesitate to talk to our road accident solicitors, to find out all the details related to the claim for bodily injury.

What does no win no fee policy entail?

What the clients find out at the beginning of our collaboration is the insurance policy regarding the fees of our services. In other words, it is good to know that we work on the basis of the no win no fee policy, which means that there will be no costs if the case presented has no chance of success. Therefore, payment for legal services provided by our road traffic accident solicitors will be made only in cases of compensation earned by clients.

Working with our road traffic solicitors

Although for some people it seems simpler not to get involved in the claims process, the reality is different. Compensation for personal injury can be substantial. Moreover, you will earn your rights, as mentioned by law, in case of a car accident.

Below you will find some statistics on car accidents registered in 2020 in the UK:

  • There have been around 1,460 road deaths in the UK, according to Gov.uk.
  • More than 115,000 casualties of all severities were recorded in 2020.
  • Police reported about 22,000 cases of seriously injured in road accidents in the same year.

Our road accident solicitors can help you from the very beginning if you want to claim compensation. We will explain your rights and help you in this endeavor, so you can contact us at any time.