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Personal Injury Solicitors in Cardiff

Personal Injury Solicitors in Cardiff

Our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff are here to guide you and offer immediate legal advice if you are interested in claiming compensation. Road traffic accidents, medical negligence, work accidents, public accidents, here are a few cases for which victims of personal injury can claim compensation. Our specialists are at your disposal from the beginning.

Compensations for road traffic accidents

Both drivers and pedestrians without a fault in a car accident can claim compensation, helped by one of our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff. There are car and road traffic accidents with severe consequences and persons involved might not know their legal rights and how to deal in such a case. Even passengers and cyclists involved in road traffic accidents can claim compensation, with complete support, legal advice, and guidance offered by one of our specialists. Plus, family members can represent victims who cannot discuss with us due to bad health. One should note that claiming compensation for personal injuries can be done within 3 years. Please discuss all the legal aspects with one of our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff.

Can I ask for help in medical negligence cases?

Yes, medical negligence cases enter the attention of our personal injury specialists in Cardiff. Clinical malpractice may refer to cases of bad treatments and/or care in a hospital or clinic, a wrong diagnosis, birth injuries, surgical mistakes, and many more. Unfortunately, such errors might appear in a person’s life, yet there are ways to defend and to claim compensation. This is where our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff can intervene and represent you from a legal point of view.

Legal advice for slip & fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur in public spaces like malls, libraries, markets, etc. the same goes for private properties where such accidents might happen. Our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff can provide immediate assistance and support if you are implicated in such an unpleasant situation. Our specialists will help you claim compensation, guiding you step by step, throughout the entire process.

You can also watch the following video presentation we have prepared:

Whiplash claim compensations

Whiplash refers to a neck injury and can occur after a car accident, for instance. Even accidents that happen in public spaces or any other circumstances can lead to whiplash, however, the symptoms vary from one person to another.
A free claim consultation can be offered in this case for individuals suffering from personal injuries, such as whiplash. Our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff have experience in such cases and can help clients understand their rights in the first place. We will use the claim compensation calculator as a guide for our clients to know the amount of compensation they can get.

What is the no win no fee policy?

No win no fee policy is used by our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff to provide the guarantee that if the case is not successful, there will be no financial implications involved. In other words, customers won’t pay anything if the claim compensation does not have a positive outcome.

When working with our clients we explain from the start the no win no policy, plus all the details referring to claim compensation, regardless of the case presented. Communication is the key to a proper collaboration, therefore, you can get in touch with our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff at any time.

Common mistakes to avoid in personal injury cases

Many people who do not have the courage to claim compensation are afraid of different aspects linked to personal injuries or have different views:

  1. Is there a jury in the court of law? – If your case goes to a trial, the aspects will be presented in front of a judge. There is no need for a jury in this case. Moreover, less than 1% of the personal injury cases are dealt with in the court of law.
  2. The evidence won’t help – On the contrary, gathering evidence is the first thing to consider when being involved in an accident. Evidence is solicited in any claim compensation, so it is quite important. One of our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff can tell you more.
  3. Thinking that any law firm can help – A successful claim compensation case depends on the support provided by a specialist in the field. This is why clients should understand the importance and support of a personal injury lawyer instead of a solicitor who covers a wide range of legal aspects. The experience is important in claim compensation cases.
  4. The claim can be settled too fast – An individual might indeed want for his/her case to be solved rapidly. However, some aspects related to personal injury might require attention in matters of medical evidence. Therefore, being completely recovered gives the opportunity of having a successful case. Our experts will tell you more about these aspects.
  5. Should I deal directly with the insurance company? – This is another concern of persons wanting to claim compensation. The support of a personal injury solicitor in Cardiff is vital because he/she knows the legislation in this matter and can create the proper strategies for positive outcomes. An insurance company might not get that involved, particularly for not losing any money.
  6. Failing to explain the consequences of an accident – When working with a personal injury solicitor in Cardiff, it is essential to explain all the aspects, including if any psychological side effects occurred. Such aspects are important for a successful claim compensation case.
  7. Failing to write down all the costs – Personal injury cases can get complex if there isn’t sufficient information provided. Some medical treatments have financial implications, therefore, each cost must be recorded. Your personal injury lawyer in Cardiff can tell you more on this topic.
  8. Failing to choose an experienced lawyer – This is another thought that might impede a customer from taking action and claim compensation for personal injuries. We have a dedicated team of personal injury solicitors in Cardiff who can treat each case in a professional matter, as they have experience in the field. We work in the best interest of our clients.
  9. Is a claim compensation easy? – This is a question often meet by our personal injury lawyers in Cardiff. As mentioned earlier, each case is unique and the outcome depends on the evidence provided, implication, the experience of the lawyer, the communication between the parties, and other aspects. We remind that some cases might take a while before settlement and payment are concluded, so patience is required for a successful case.

How can a personal injury solicitor in Cardiff help you?

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Cardiff has experience in a wide range of cases and can help anyone interested in claiming compensation. Each case is unique and treated in accordance. Plus, our team will use the claim compensation calculator, with information offered by our clients, in order to see how much compensation they can receive. The following cases can be successfully handled by our team of experts:

  •  Medical negligence.
  •  Car and road traffic accidents.
  •  Work accidents.
  •  Public accidents.
  •  Slip and fall accidents.
  •  Whiplash.
  •  Illness claims.
  •  Holiday accidents.
  •  Industrial disease.
  •  Military accidents.

Instead of acting on your own, you should discuss with a specialist and find out all you need to know about your legal rights. We will solicit a series of documents like medical bills, medical and police reports, photos, videos, etc., in order to create your case. Plus, the claim compensation calculator will tell us the approximate sum of money you can receive after claiming compensation.

Choosing our personal injury lawyers in Cardiff

It is quite essential to have a dedicated and professional team by your side when interested in claiming compensation. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the legal rights and ways they can look for justice. Claiming compensation is a major step in a persons’ life, especially if an accident with serious consequences took place. It is important to know that you can rely on a dedicated and professional team of personal injury solicitors in Cardiff who treats each case with extra attention and commitment. Instead of acting on your own, without a starting point and a clear picture of your case, rights, and procedures, it is best to get in touch with a team of specialists. Here are some interesting facts and figures about personal injuries. This information is offered by the Ministry of Defence in UK:

  1.  A road traffic accident and medical negligence claim in UK worth around GBP 3.3 million, and was registered during 2018-2019.
  2.  About 4,783 claims were brought against MOD, during the same period.
  3.  Approximately GBP 6.4 million was the total value of clinical negligence cases settled during 2018-2019.

Interested in the services of our personal injury solicitors in Cardiff? We kindly invite you to contact our specialists and ask for information about how you can claim compensation.