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Personal Injury Lawyers in Bristol

Personal Injury Lawyers in Bristol

Claiming compensations for personal injuries can be made with the help of an experienced team of lawyers. Our personal injury lawyer in Bristol has experience in cases of victims implicated in car accidents or clinical negligence, therefore, feel free to talk to our advisors in the first place. Even though some people think that claiming compensation is time-consuming, things are quite the opposite because such cases are normally solved fast.

Claim compensations for car accidents

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents take place quite often, and thousands of persons are injured on a yearly basis in UK. Both drivers and pedestrians can be implicated in car accidents and have no fault at all. We suggest you talk to our personal injury lawyer in Bristol and solicit complete legal advice and representation. Here is how we can help:

  1.  Our Bristol personal injury lawyer will analyze the case and discuss a series of legal matters with the victims of car accidents. If this isn’t possible, family members can request our legal help.
  2. The rights of victims of road traffic accidents (including pedestrians) will be entirely explained by our experts.
  3.  Our personal injury lawyers in Bristol will use the claim compensation calculator and tell you how much money you can receive.
  4.  Our clients will be represented in the court of law if the case is sent in front of the authorities.
  5. Passengers, drivers, or pedestrians involved in road traffic accidents can claim compensation for personal injuries like whiplash, hospital treatments, and many more. Feel free to talk to our personal injury lawyers in Bristol and ask for support and legal advice.

Can I claim compensation for medical negligence?

Yes, hospital negligence, birth injuries, cerebral palsy, inappropriate surgery, incorrect medical treatments, dental negligence, amputation negligence, and medical misdiagnosis are serious cases that can be properly handled by one of our personal injury lawyers in Bristol. Persons who suffered personal injures as the result of clinical malpractice can be helped by one of our specialists in this area. More than that, if your health status does not allow you to get in touch with our personal injury lawyer in Bristol, you can make a claim compensation within 3 years from the date the incident took place, or you can be represented by one of your family members. We remind you that medical malpractice claims can be solved within a couple of months or years if the case gets complicated. Talk to our advisors and ask for support.

Can I claim compensation for public accidents?

Yes, with complete legal support provided by our personal injury lawyer in Bristol, you can claim compensation for public accidents of any kind. Supermarket accidents, slips, trips and falls in public places, sports injuries, dog bite, and beauty treatment injuries enter the attention of our specialists who can help claimants receive the compensations they are entitled to. One of our personal injury lawyers in Bristol will investigate your case and tell you who is responsible for your personal injuries and how you can claim compensation.

What is no win no fee policy?

The no win no fee policy can be explained by one of our personal injury lawyers in Bristol. This kind of policy refers to the fact that there will be nothing to pay upfront if the claim you are interested in is not successful. In other words, this is an insurance policy that protects our clients in cases of an unsuccessful claim, although we will tell you from the start of your case can be a victory or not. It is best to know all the legal aspects right from the start when working with our Bristol personal injury lawyers.

Legal advice for work accidents – claim compensation

Persons suffering from work accidents can claim compensation and should get in touch with our personal injury lawyer in Bristol. For instance, if you suffer from injuries resulted from unsafety work procedures or inappropriate equipment, you are entitled to claim compensation. Employers must undertake all the risks at the workplace, however, if accidents appear, employees have the right to claim compensation. Here are a few facts and figures about claim compensations in the UK:

  1.  According to the Ministry of Defence, there were around 4,783 claims made during 2018-2019.
  2.  In the same period, GBP 3.3 million was the total value of a claim in a road traffic accident.
  3.  The Ministry of Defence paid claims worth around GBP 131 million during 2018-2019.
  4.  Medical negligence claims worth about GBP 6.4 million were registered in the same period.

If you would like to know more about the legal advice we can offer, please feel free to contact our team of personal injury lawyers in Bristol.