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Personal Injury Lawyers in Edinburgh

Personal Injury Lawyers in Edinburgh

Our Edinburg-based law firm provides legal advice for persons interested in claiming compensation for personal injuries suffered during various types of accidents. Our specialists can explain your rights and can offer assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. It is quite simple to claim compensation for personal injury if you decide to collaborate with our experts. We present you with a few cases for which legal advice and assistance are offered.

Road traffic accidents – how we can help

Road traffic accidents come with serious consequences in most cases. Regardless of the severity, it is extremely recommended to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Edinburgh and solicit legal advice and representation. Drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers involved in road traffic accidents can claim compensation, helped by one of our experts. There are a series of strategies that can be discussed with the clients, depending on the type of accident and severity. The claim compensation calculator enters the discussion, right after clients provide a series of documents like medical reports and bills, police reports, photos, witness declarations, CCTV captures, etc. This instrument will provide information about the approximate sum of money a person can receive. Motor accidents, truck accidents, whiplash, pedestrian accidents are a few of the cases that can be handled by our personal injury lawyer in Edinburg. You might want to watch the following video presentation:

Can I get help for work accident cases?

Yes, work accidents are often presented to us. People suffering from personal injuries that occurred after a work accident have the right to claim compensation. This case is quite delicate and can implicate more factors. For instance, the negligence of a colleague or defective equipment might be causes for accidents at work. Factory and warehouse accidents also enter our attention, and people should immediately claim compensation because they have all the rights to do so. We also mention that our no win no fee policy is a guarantee to our clients that they won’t be charged if the case is not successful. Please discuss with one of our personal injury lawyers in Edinburg and find out more about the support we can provide. Also, the following video presentation can be helpful:

Legal support for medical negligence

Medical negligence is another important area that enters the attention of our specialists in Edinburgh. We have handled a large number of cases of medical malpractice and we can assure our clients that each situation is unique and treated accordingly. A misdiagnosis, bad treatments, and care in the hospital, birth injuries, dental errors, hospital neglect, nerve injuries, medication errors, or surgery errors are medical negligence cases for which a person can claim compensation. Just like in the case of road traffic accidents, a series of documents will be solicited to create the case and to provide information about the amount of compensation a person can receive. We invite you to discuss with our personal injury lawyer in Edinburgh and find out all the legal aspects.

No win no fee policy

The no win no fee policy is explained by our personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh right from the beginning. This is the type of guarantee offered to our clients to be sure that their case is a successful one and they won’t lose money. In other words, the client will be charged if he/she receives compensation. Otherwise, if the case is not successful, the customers won’t pay anything. This kind of policy is used worldwide due to the advantages provided. You can talk to our team of personal injury lawyers in Edinburg and find out more details.

Asbestos claims, helped by our experts

Unfortunately, some working conditions in construction, shipbuilding, or plumbing can generate severe illnesses at a certain point. Long exposure to asbestos can develop lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleural plaques, and many other diseases. Persons who have been diagnosed with asbestos-related illness are advised to claim compensation. Even family members who lost a dear one due to such illnesses can solicit the support of an expert in the field and claim compensation. Such a case can get more serious if the health condition gets worse and you already made a claim compensation. With the help of our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh, you can benefit from complete legal guidance and support to achieve the best possible results for your case.

Accidents in public places – Should I claim compensation?

Yes, we have successfully managed many cases of claim compensation for accidents in public places. Supermarket accidents, slips, trips and falls, dog bite claims, sports injury claims, horse riding injuries are a few examples of situations for which claiming compensation is required. Such cases have a huge rate of success, so claiming compensation for personal injuries is quite recommended. Our experts will be by your side from the beginning and will detail everything you need to know about claim compensation.

Claiming industrial disease compensation

The UK legislation and especially the one referring to employees clearly specifies that an employer must provide a safe environment and work conditions. Unfortunately, workers face many risks, especially in the industrial sector, leading to serious diseases like silicosis, occupational asthma, osteoarthritis, or chemical poisoning. In our opinion, work-related diseases require attention because you can claim compensation and receive an important sum of money. Factors like work circumstances, support, loss of earnings, medical expenses, and rehabilitation will weigh much when settlement is concluded.
More on this topic can be discussed with our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh, so feel free to ask for a free case evaluation.

Timeframe for claim compensation

Normally, claim compensation can be made in 3 years from the date of the accident, however, you are advised to get in touch with our experts and solicit legal guidance and support right away. In the case of deceased persons due to personal injury suffered, claiming compensation can be done from that date or at the time you received medical results.

What is early compensation payment?

Some cases might be eligible for early compensation payments, meaning that clients can receive a sum of money prior to any final settlement. This kind of payment is called interim payment and can be settled in agreement with the parties involved in the case, especially the ones who admit that the personal injuries you suffered were their fault. This is another topic that can be detailed by our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh.

Choosing our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh

We have a dedicated and professional team of personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh who can represent you and who can explain your rights if implicated in an accident. We successfully handled work accident cases, whiplash, road traffic accidents, medical negligence, military injuries, public injury claims, industrial disease, holiday accidents, and many more. You can rely on professionalism, confidence, and efficiency when choosing our specialists. Here are some facts and figures about claim compensations in the UK:

  •  Clinical negligence claims worth around GBP 6,4 million were registered during 2018-2019 in UK, according to the Ministry of Defence.
  •  Approximately 4,783 claims brought against the Ministry of Defence were registered during the same period.
  • Around 24 medical negligence cases worth bout GBP 6.4 million were registered during 2018-2019 in UK.

FAQ about personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh

1. When should I get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Edinburgh?
If you want to claim compensation for personal injuries suffered, it is recommended to have the support of a specialist by your side. One of our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh can provide comprehensive legal guidance and support.
2. What types of cases do personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh handle?
Work accidents, medical negligence, road traffic accidents, public place accidents, holiday accidents, industrial disease are a few of the cases our personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh can handle. Our lawyers closely collaborate with experts in the field.
3. How do I know how much money can I receive if I claim compensation?
The claim compensation calculator is used by our personal injury lawyer in Edinburgh, so you can have an idea about the money you can receive. We would like to highlight that you will receive an estimated sum, as it may vary, depending on the case.
4. What is the no win no fee policy?
The no win no fee policy guarantees that clients will not pay upfront if the case is not successful. Personal injury cases and claim compensation are attentively treated by our team of experts.
5. Is settlement handled by a personal injury lawyer in Edinburgh?
Once the case is concluded, clients will be paid by the insurance company or related institution. We will inform our customers when the settlement payment is made. Feel free to discuss all the legal aspects of settlement for personal injuries with our advisors.
Interested in the legal services offered by our personal injury lawyer in Edinburg? We invite you to contact our team of specialists and find out more about how we can help.