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How to Make Personal Injury Claims

How to Make Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in UK can be made by anyone who, at a certain point deal with varied accidents, such as, medical negligence, traffic accidents, or work-related injuries. Our personal injury solicitors in London can assist persons interested in claiming compensation, by providing the needed legal advice and guidance. We present you the main steps involved in personal injury claims in London, with the mention that our advisors are here to help you.

What are the steps in claiming compensation?

Claiming compensations for personal injuries can start with complete legal support offered by our team of personal injury solicitors in London who can explain your rights and all you need to know about the procedural requirements. Here are the main steps you should pay attention to at the time you make personal injury claims in UK:

  •  Report the accident and provide information about the injuries suffered. Work accidents are reported in the company, while traffic accidents will be handled by the police.
  •  Collect medical reports and documents for your doctor. These will the essential for claim compensation.
  •  Get in touch with a personal injury solicitor in London and find out more about the rate of success in your case.
  •  While pursuing a claim compensation for personal injury, one should receive all the needed medical treatment.

Another important aspect to consider is to make a claim compensation within 3 years from the date of the accident and injuries. Also, if your health does not allow you to continue with the procedures, it is required to be represented by a family member who will work closely with one of our personal injury lawyers in London. A personal injury claim in UK is not a complicated process, yet, it is recommended to have all the documents and evidence needed to open a case. Feel free to talk to one of our advisors who can help you from the beginning.

For which types of accidents and injuries can I make a claim?

Pedestrian injury, workers’ compensation, bicycle, and motorbike accidents, hit & run accidents, taxi & truck drivers accidents, catastrophic injury, medical negligence are a few of the cases in which persons can claim compensations. It is required to have the support of an experienced personal injury solicitor in London who knows the legislation, instead of acting on your own.

How much can I get as personal injury compensation?

Our personal injury solicitors in London will use the claim compensation calculator to help you understand how much money you can receive. Also, clients will know in time about the ways in which a claim compensation is calculated. There is a number of factors that stand at the base of a correct settlement, such as, the impact of the injuries on your daily activities, the extent of the injuries, the type of accident, and also the gravity of the accident. In any case, it is a known fact that the more severe the accident is, whether we talk about work or traffic injuries, the more money one can receive. All you need to know about personal injury claims in London can be explained by one of our advisors.

Can I claim compensation for public accidents?

Of course, persons suffering from injuries due to a public accident (slip and fall, pedestrian accidents, etc.) are entitled to claim compensation. The public area is maintained or cared for by a company or a person with responsibilities in this area, so any accident in a public place enters into the discussion. We remind you that if you would like to know more about personal injury claims in UK, you should solicit legal advice and assistance from one of our consultants.

Settlement for claim compensations

Another important step in personal injury claims in London refers to the settlement. This means that once your claim is submitted, our personal injury solicitors in London will get in touch with the insurance company or any other third party to make a settlement and establish the amount of money you can receive. Our advisors will have to present the evidence, medical reports, and prove that the personal injuries affected the person who had an accident. Here are some facts and figures about claim compensations in UK offered by the Ministry of Defence in UK for period 2018-2019:

  •  About GBP 3.3 million was the highest value claim compensation for a road traffic accident;
  •  Around 24 clinical negligence claims were settled for a value of approximately GPB 6.4 million;
  •  Delegated authorities settled around 539 claims.

Anyone interested in personal injury claims in UK is invited to give us a call or an email. Our personal injury solicitors in London are at your disposal with legal representation and guidance for the best possible results.