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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

Have you recently had an accident and want compensation? Want to know how much money you can earn? It is time to discuss these issues with our no win no fee personal injury solicitors. Claims for whiplash, medical negligence, and work accidents are some of the cases that come to the attention of our specialists. Our policy is that we will not charge customers if the end result is not in line with their expectations.

Types of personal injury claims you can make

With the help of our no win no fee personal injury solicitors you can find out what are the steps to benefit from compensation in case of an unwanted accident. If you have encountered the following problems and you want to receive compensation for the dramas suffered, then it is appropriate to seek specialist advice:

  • Medical negligence – misdiagnosis, inappropriate medical treatment, a surgery that has had drastic consequences are some of the cases for which you can claim compensation.
  • Road traffic accidents – whether you are a pedestrian or a driver involved in a car accident, you can claim compensation for personal injuries suffered. It is important to provide the necessary documentation for whiplash, head, and body injuries, including video images, hospital bills, statements, etc.
  • Work accidents – our no win no fee personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation in case of such accidents. Slip and fall, needlestick injuries, and inappropriate working conditions are cases where you can be successful and earn money if you claim compensation.

For what other things can you claim compensation in case of an unfortunate accident?

In addition to standard compensation for accidents in traffic, at work, or medical negligence, customers may also receive money for other related items. For example, psychiatric injuries, treatment costs, financial loss due to job loss, and even property damage will be taken into account. That is why it is necessary to consider these aspects and to prepare all the necessary documentation. Our no win no fee personal injury solicitors will guide you to the correct claim compensation, so you can win the case.

How long can I claim compensation after the accident?

Persons need to know that claim compensation can take place within 3 years from the date of the accident. This means that you must gather all documents, statements, and police reports and submit them to our no win no fee personal injury solicitors if you are to cooperate with us. What is important to note is that you can claim compensation when you are ready. Also, if your treatment or health does not allow it, a family member can take care of this aspect, by contacting our specialists.

Obtaining the settlement

Our experience as no win no fee personal injury solicitors helps clients get the compensation they want. Once we have the necessary documents and analyze your case, we will use the claim compensation computer and estimate the amount you can receive. We will then negotiate with the insurance company so that we can get the right amount of money as compensation.

Here are some statistics on compensation offered in the UK:

  • About 6,400 claims were filed with the Employment Tribunal between April and June 2020.
  • Claim compensation for disability discrimination of approximately GBP 266,000 was registered between 2019 and 2020.
  • 580 claims compensation for unfair dismissal were registered in the period 2019-2020.

Are you ready to work with our no win no fee personal injury solicitors? Contact us and find out which services you can benefit from.