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Nerve Damage Settlement after a Car Accident

Nerve Damage Settlement after a Car Accident

A car accident may come with serious injuries, among which, nerve damage might represent the most important consequence in an individual’s life. A person found in this situation is entitled to claim compensation, helped by the family members, and an experienced personal injury solicitor in London. Our team is specialized in personal injury claim compensations, including for nerve damage after a car accident.

What you need to know about nerve damage after a car accident

Nerve damage can affect the chest, the brain, the arms, the fingers, the legs, or the toes of a person, leading to unwanted consequences and life changes. The physical discomfort, alongside different treatments and recovery therapies, is for sure subject to huge medical bills that in most cases cannot be supported by family members of a person who suffered a car accident. Moreover, a person suffering from nerve damage will meet a series of mixed feelings regarding life and future activities, fear, social disorders, emotional distress, loss of life enjoyment, and even depression or life-long disability. A car accident settlement for nerve damage will include all the costs related to treatments and future therapies, but before accessing this step, one should ask for the legal advice and support of a personal injury lawyer in London. You can also watch the following video presentation:

What kind of damage can you claim for car accident nerve damage?

Clients should know that the expenses for all nerve damage injuries can be claimed. This means that there is no restriction in this sense and therefore, your personal injury solicitor in London will help you with your case and arrange the car accident settlement. More than that, injured persons can also claim compensation for unwanted consequences that affected life for an undetermined period of time or probably for good. This means that persons might not be able to work or live as they used to, before the car accident and nerve damage. Such cases are extremely serious, so complete guidance and legal advice offered by a specialist in this field are highly recommended.

What do you need for nerve damage settlement?

A personal injury lawyer in London will ask for complete information about the health status of the person suffering from nerve damage. This is where a family member can help, in case the injured individual cannot cooperate. Here is what you need to know:

  1.  Medical documents, reports, and bills are solicited for your file.
  2.  The lawyer will verify the presented case and might solicit police reports.
  3. Then, the claim compensation calculator will be used, in order to see how much money you can obtain.
  4.  If the parties involved agree on the settlement, the next thing to consider is the payout.

Advisors do recommend persons not to accept the first settlement offer, or at least until the personal injury lawyer will verify it. We remind that claim compensations can be solicited for a wide range of nerve damage after car accidents, and for injuries for which ongoing treatments are required.

Discovering nerve damage after a period from a car accident

It is a known fact that nerve damage might also occur in time, not right after a car accident. There are many people who discover all sorts of symptoms (trouble speaking, loss of strength, dizziness, paralysis) after a few years from a car accident, finding out that a specific nerve has been affected in time. This is also a solid case for which they can claim compensations and agree on a specific settlement.

Working with a personal injury lawyer in London after a car accident is highly recommended and suggested because such a specialist will tell you all you need to know about future actions, stages of compensation, and settlement, helped by different medical reports made by experts in the field. Some facts and statistics about car accidents in UK provided by Department for Transport for the period between June 2018 and June 2019 might raise your interest:

  •  There were more than 25,000 people injured in road accidents in UK;
  •  About 58% of road deaths happened on rural roads in UK;
  •  Around 129,000 persons involved in road traffic accidents suffered from slight injuries;
  • According to governmental declarations, traffic casualties are at the same level as six years ago.

Factors for defining the value of a nerve injury lawsuit

The severity of personal injuries suffered after a car accident determines the way a lawsuit can take place, plus the value of the settlement. Nerve damage is categorized in accordance with the gravity of the injuries, as follows:

  •  Neurotmesis is the most severe type of nerve damage. Some people cannot recover after a car accident and remain with permanent damage.
  • Axonotmesis is less severe than neurotmesis. Long or short-term paralysis can occur.
  •  Neurapraxia involves the structure of the nerve that can be treated. Patients normally recover fast after a car accident and nerve damage.

The medical costs, hospitalization, medication, recovery timeframe, medical care, and other prescriptions are considered at the time the nerve damage settlement from a car accident is negotiated. All the information mentioned above is required for a potential lawsuit, especially if the parties involved cannot settle an agreement. Legal assistance and representation for a lawsuit can be offered by one of our London personal injury lawyers.

Persons who lose the job after a car accident need legal advice

Unfortunately, a car accident comes with serious consequences for persons involved in such unwanted situations. If some are lucky enough and recover after nerve damage occurs after a car accident, others face the loss of jobs and incomes. The family support is, in this case seriously affected. We remind that people have rights and can claim compensation for nerve damage after a car accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer in London will discuss with the victim or family members about the nerve damage settlement from a car accident and how justice can be made. Regardless of the type of nerve damage suffered, feel free to ask for legal advice and find out more about your rights.

Nerve damage and orthopedic surgery

Many car accidents result in serious orthopedic damages. People discover they cannot use the legs as before and receive a diagnosis that says the nerves have been damaged. A diagnosis like this is issued by an orthopedic doctor who can also decide if surgery is required. Here is what happens next:

  •  If surgery is suggested for leg nerve damage, a series of verifications and x-rays will be performed.
  •  Medical recovery is very important after a surgery like this.
  •  A person dealing with nerve damage surgery might require extra time for recovery, and therefore, might not be able to work.
  •  All the costs for this kind of surgical intervention, plus other types of expenses are considered for a nerve damage settlement from a car accident.

The legal aspects implicated in this kind of situation can be discussed with our personal injury solicitors in London who have experience in this field. Please ask for our legal services and see how we can represent you in the court of law.

Looking for a second opinion

Some people might not agree with the verdict issued for their cases of nerve damage settlement from a car accident. A second opinion might be an optimal solution, in this case, so discussing with our team of personal injury lawyers in London is recommended. A free case evaluation is offered in the first place by one of our specialists who will ask for documents and other relevant materials. This means that your case is re-evaluated by our specialists who will also explain the no win no fee policy. In most cases, a second opinion will prove extremely helpful for a nerve damage settlement from a car accident. Feel free to ask for help and legal advice if you are interested in a second opinion and further support from our specialists.

The no win no fee policy

We value our clients, and we work in their best interest to achieve the wanted results, regardless of the difficulty and challenges that might arise at a certain point. When meeting our London personal injury lawyers for the first time you will discover our legal services and more. For example, the no win no fee policy will be entirely explained because the customers must understand from the start the way we work. This kind of policy provides a guarantee that customers are protected from a financial point of view and will not lose money if the case is not successful. On the other hand, it is important to note that our personal injury lawyers in London will professionally prepare any case of nerve damage after a car accident and work in the best interest of clients. We know that such cases can change lives, yet we will help you understand your rights and claim compensation.

Our team of specialists can help you with nerve damage settlement from a car accident, mentioning that the no win, no fee policy applies. Persons who want to know more about nerve damage settlement after a car accident are invited to contact our team of personal injury solicitors in London and ask for legal advice.