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Medical Negligence Solicitors in London

Medical Negligence Solicitors in London

Medical negligence is medical malpractice and it refers to the cases in which patients receive treatments that caused injuries or “helped” a disease to get worse. An incorrect diagnosis followed by improper medical treatments is considered medical negligence. This is a case where you can talk to one of our medical negligence solicitors in London, who can help you claim compensation.


Facts and details about medical negligence

Unfortunately, clinical negligence may occur when at least expected. Some persons might receive an inappropriate diagnosis and therefore a treatment that cannot help, on the contrary. When people discover that their health gets worse, even if they visited a specialist in medicine or a doctor and respected the medical care and treatments, they might ask questions. Clinical negligence might get complex, but it is important to talk to a medical negligence solicitor in London and find out how he/she can help. Here are some extra facts to pay attention to clinical negligence or malpractice:


  •  A patient does not receive a proper diagnosis and therefore a correct treatment.
  •  A patient is not properly cared for in the hospital.
  •  Perforation of bowels during surgery.
  •  Unsuccessful surgical intervention.
  •  Medical interventions that lead to severe disability, brain injury, etc.


These are a few of the medical negligence cases that persons might deal with. If you believe you are a malpractice case, we strongly recommend you get in touch with one of our clinical negligence solicitors in London. You can also explore the following infographic:

What to do in case of a medical negligence

Can I solicit claim compensations for children?

Yes, if your minor child is a malpractice case, you should ask for immediate legal advice and support from one of our clinical negligence solicitors in London. Our team of experts can take and analyze your case and then propose a series of actions for claiming compensation. There are cases in which the birth of a child gets complicated: hemorrhages, lack of oxygen for the child’s brain, undiscovered illnesses that will affect the child in the future, etc.

Short facts about pressure sore claims

Pressure sores are also known as bedsores and are lesions that can appear to a hospitalized patient for a period of time. This might lead to changes in the skin and body, due to improper care in the hospital. Such cases are often in the attention of our medical negligence solicitors in London, as relatives of such patients believe they are entitled to claim compensations. Pressure sores can affect a person in such a manner that he/she cannot recover properly and cannot go back to normal activities as they used to. One of our medical negligence solicitors in London can provide comprehensive support and legal advice for pressure sore cases for which you can claim compensation. You can also watch the video presentation we have prepared for you:

We can handle birth injury cases

One of the most common birth injury claims is cerebral palsy which is caused by brain damage due to inappropriate methods and negligence used by a doctor. Maternity negligence can have serious consequences for the babies and also for families, so immediate legal advice is required. Parents who confront such unwanted problems can get in touch with our clinical negligence solicitors in London and find out how they can claim compensation. Placental injury, delayed recovery, physical injuries are cases that can be suitably handled by one of our specialists. We remind that we work with the no win no fee policy so that our clients can feel protected right from the start.

Faulty medical equipment – How can we help?

Some medical treatments might not be properly offered in a hospital or clinic, leading to severe injuries due to the use of defective medical equipment. People might deal with severe consequences after inappropriate situations like these, so claiming compensation is highly recommended. Our clinical negligence solicitors in London can assist individuals from a legal point of view if they want to claim compensation. A medical negligence act should not be omitted, on the contrary, one must take action and ask for immediate and complete legal advice. Please discuss all the details with our medical negligence solicitors in London.

Can I ask for surgery compensation claims?

Yes, surgery compensation claims also enter the attention of our medical negligence solicitors in London, so if you believe you deal with such problems, it is best to talk to our medical negligence solicitors in London. Here are a few cases of surgery compensation claims:

  •  Blood transfusion claims.
  • Amputation negligence claims.
  •  Eye surgery claims.
  •  Spinal surgery claims.
  •  Nerve damage claims.
  •  Anesthetic awareness claims.

Unfortunately, surgery mistakes might occur at a certain point, while performing a wrong operation, leaving foreign objects in the body, developing an infection after surgery, or causing injuries to other organs. These are surgical errors for which persons involved should claim compensation. If the case is so severe and the injured person cannot solicit help, one of the appropriate family members can get in touch with our clinical negligence solicitors in London and discuss the legal aspects of a personal injury claim compensation. Faulty medical equipment leading to surgical errors have lots of success chances, so you can rely on a well-prepared team of specialists, mentioning that there is no financial risk under the no win no fee policy.

What are stroke misdiagnosis claims?

The warning signs of a stroke are normally discussed with a doctor, so failing to provide a correct diagnosis right from the beginning can lead to devastating consequences. If you believe that your doctor failed to see the warning signs of a stroke and provide a different type of treatment, it is time to know your rights and claim compensation. Facial weakness, slurred speech, high blood pressure, numbness in one arm, and even blood infection are among the warning signs of a stroke. Persons who deal with one or several stroke signs should see a doctor right away, and solicit immediate help and treatments. However, if the doctor fails to put a stroke diagnosis, the consequences can get quite bad. Feel free to get in touch with our clinical negligence solicitors in London and ask for complete assistance and legal advice.

How can a medical negligence solicitor in London help you?

Our team of clinical negligence solicitors in London is at your disposal if you are a malpractice case and if you want to claim compensation. Here is how we can help:

  1.  First, we will analyze your case to see if medical negligence occurred.
  2. A client receives complete information about his/her rights, mentioning that a claim compensation must be made within 3 years.
    All the medical records involved will be solicited for verification.
  3. Next, the client will find out information about whether the case is definitely medical negligence or not.
  4. A series of actions will be presented by our clinical negligence lawyers in London, where medical expertise will be provided.
  5. If there is no settlement, the case goes to the court of law.

Surgeons, dentists, health practitioners, and cosmetic surgeons with private clinics can be involved in malpractice cases. Feel free to talk to our legal advisors and find out more about how you can claim compensation. We also mention that our no win, no fee policy is available.

We have also gathered some facts and figures about negligence claims, provided by statista.com and the UK Ministry of Defence for the period 2018-2019:

  •  There have been around, 10,678 clinical negligence claims registered in UK;
  •  Around GBP 3.3 million was the total claim compensations for a traffic accident, followed by clinical negligence injury;
  •  About GBP 6.4 million was the total expenditure for medical negligence claim compensations in UK.

Choosing our clinical negligence solicitors in London

It is essential to benefit from the support of a dedicated and experienced team of medical negligence solicitors in London for such delicate cases. Unfortunately, many people do not have a clue about their rights and do not ask for support at the right time. We recommend individuals suffering from personal injuries to pay attention to the support our solicitors in London can offer. We already handled a large number of cases and represented numerous customers over time in many medical negligence cases who proved successful. We believe that good and correct communication will lead to excellent outcomes for our customers who can claim compensation and enjoy their rights. Choosing our clinical negligence solicitors in London means taking advantage of a dedicated and professional team of specialists who offer complete attention to each case presented.

Persons who want to know more about medical negligence and compensations can contact our team of specialists in London and ask for legal advice and assistance.