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Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims

If you are interested in fatal accident claims and want information on this matter, we recommend that you contact one of our personal injury lawyers in London. We can guide you in this endeavor and propose a series of strategies to obtain the desired results. In the following lines, you can read about fatal accident compensation, what to do in this case, and how to be represented.

 Quick Facts  
Who can claim fatal accident injuries?

Persons who lost a family member due to a fatal accident, medical negligence, work accidents, etc.

Why make a fatal injury claim?

 Due to financial losses implicated after a fatal accident that affects the family

 Types of fatal accident claims

– road traffic accidents,

– workplace accidents,

– medical misdiagnosis,

– industrial diseases, etc.

 Eligibility for fatal accident compensation

Fatal accidents without the fault of the victim

Compensation for medical negligence

– misdiagnosis,

– delayed diagnosis,

– medical negligence that led to the decease of a person

 Steps for making a fatal accident claim

– contacting our personal injury lawyers in London,

– presenting the evidence, police records, and medical documents

A free initial consultation is provided.

 What is the dependant’s claim?

Persons who were financially sustained by a deceased person due to a fatal accident can claim compensation.

 Negotiation with the insurance companies (YES/NO)


Claiming on behalf of a deceased person

Family members can get in touch with our lawyer and make a claim for fatal accidents.

Time limit to make a fatal accident claim

Around 3 years from the date of the accident

 What can compensation cover?

A part of the financial contributions made by the person who died due to a fatal accident

 Approx. amount of compensation

Ranging from GBP 12,980 to GBP 15, 120

 Legislation applicable

Fatal Accidents Act

 Why choose our London personal injury lawyers?

We offer:

– complete legal services at affordable prices,

– professionalism,

– good communication

 No win no fee policy (YES/NO) Yes

When is it necessary to make fatal accident claims?

Fatal injury claims come into question when a person is faced with a delicate situation, such as the loss of a family member. Among the conditions and eligibility criteria, we mention:

  • Persons involved in fatal accidents and having no fault.
  • Medical negligence that led to the death of a person.

Considering these two criteria, people interested in fatal accident compensation can contact us for more information and legal support. Fatal medical negligence claims are treated with extreme seriousness.

Types of fatal accidents

Fatal accident claims come to the attention of those who, for various reasons, have lost a family member and want compensation in this regard. It is known that accidents can occur from negligent behavior and can be fatal and below you have some examples in this regard:

  • Reckless driving leading to fatal accidents where victims had no fault.
  • Industrial illnesses and diseases.
  • Fatal accidents involving dangerous equipment at work.

If you are interested in fatal injury claims, we recommend you collaborate with one of our personal injury lawyers in London. We are here to guide you in this endeavor and to explain the steps for obtaining fatal accident compensation.

How to make fatal medical negligence claims

Normally, one of the family members is the one who acts in this sense and requests fatal medical negligence claims. In this sense, we need both the legal advice provided by our London personal injury solicitor and a series of documents and evidence:

  • Medical reports to determine the cause of death.
  • Police report from the scene of the respective accident, with information about the circumstances in which it occurred.
  • Documents certifying that there was medical negligence in the case of the deceased person.

Delayed or misdiagnosis are other cases for which you can solicit fatal medical negligence claims, so do not hesitate to contact our specialists and discuss your case.

How long can you make fatal accident claims?

According to the legislation, you have 3 years to make fatal accident claims, from the date on which the respective accident was registered, regardless of the cause and circumstances. The family is the one who can take this step and ask for help from our lawyers for fatal accident compensation.

Our no win no fee policy

We inform potential clients that our lawyers’ work is based on a no win no fee policy, including for fatal accident claims. In other words, we assure customers that there will be no financial risks if the presented case has no chance of success. There will be no fees if the evidence and documentation do not support fatal accident claims and there are no chances of success.

Here are some interesting facts about fatal accidents:

  • It is estimated that a person is killed or injured every 16 minutes on UK roads.
  • In 2019, over 1,748 road deaths were reported in the UK.
  • Around 1,600 people were reported killed in car accidents in the UK in 2021.

Therefore, if you want to know more about fatal accident claims, we recommend that you contact our law office. We can offer you specialized legal advice for fatal medical negligence claims.