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Dog Bite Solicitors

Dog Bite Solicitors

The number of compensation claims is increasing in the UK, following dog attacks that occur daily. People who suffer personal injuries after such a situation are advised to ask for compensation and contact our dog bite solicitors. We have experience in this matter and can offer optimal solutions for those who want to solve such problems.

Dog Bite Law in the UK in brief

According to the Law of Negligence and the Animals Act 1971, a legal review is required for a claim for compensation following a dog or animal attack. The Animals Act 1971 is a set of laws that explain how an owner of an attacking dog can pay. Practically, the owner of an animal of this kind is strictly responsible for the attacks of these people on the street, regardless of whether he/she was at fault or if he/she was provoked. From this point of view, the above legislation is considered controversial and difficult at the same time by people who want to claim compensation for a dog attack.

But the negligence of the person attacked by the dog, who, in the respective circumstances, did not take precautionary measures when they came into contact with the respective animal, also comes into discussion. On the other hand, it is a defence, for example, that the injured person was wholly or partly to blame for the attack in question or that he voluntarily accepted the risk of injury. It could also be a defence if they were trespassing at that time and the animal that attacked them was not kept on the premises.

To be able to understand in detail what you have to do in such cases, it is recommended to talk to one of our dog attack solicitors. We have a dedicated team of personal injury solicitors in London who can offer you specialized help for the case mentioned above.

How can I claim compensation for a dog bite?

With the help of our dog bite solicitors, you will be able to prepare the necessary documents and procedures for claim compensation. Our dog attack solicitors can represent workers attacked by dogs on unsupervised properties, children, and adults who have suffered such attacks on the street or in any other location. There are also cases of road traffic accidents caused by dogs, and if you are involved, you can contact our dog bite solicitors.

Regarding the application for compensation, here are some steps below:

  • Get in touch with our dog attack solicitors to benefit from a free case evaluation before initiating the procedures.
  • Our team will work with you to gather evidence. Photo and video materials, as well as medical reports, are accepted.
  • It must be proven who was responsible for the dog attack and if they accept responsibility.
  • The type of injuries, as well as the time of recovery and treatment, will also be taken into account.

As for compensation, it can be established depending on the severity of personal injuries, medical expenses, loss of job where applicable, as well as other expenses for full recovery (purchase of a wheelchair, adaptation of the personal car due to the injury suffered). Our dog bite solicitors are at your disposal with specialist help for claim compensation

Below are some statistical data in this regard:

  • More than 10,000 dog attacks are registered annually in the UK.
  • According to estimates, around 740 people per 100,000 are bitten by dogs in the UK.

We invite you to contact our dog bite solicitors in London and ask for comprehensive help if you encounter such problems. We can offer you optimal solutions and we assure you that we work under the no win no fee policy.