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Compensations After a Car Accident

Compensations After a Car Accident

Our personal injury lawyers in London can help persons claim compensation after car accidents. Accident claim calculation can be made with complete support provided by our team of advisors who can also help you understand your rights in such a situation. All you have to do is to send your inquiries and let us take your case and offer legal advice.

 Quick Facts  
Types of injuries for which claim calculator is used

– whiplash,

– arms,

– hands,

– lower body

Who can claim compensation?

Victims of accidents or family members


Case investigation before compensation (YES/NO)


Time frame to claim compensation after a car accident Around 3 years


Formalities to claim compensations for injuries suffered

– photo and video evidence,

– medical bills,

– police reports,

– witness details

Average payout for a car accident Around GBP37,000 for moderate head injuries
Average payout for whiplash

Around GBP 3,000

Out of the pocket expenses considered (YES/NO)


Loss of earnings taken into account (YES/NO)


Legal representation for family members of victims (YES/NO)


We provide support for negotiation (YES/NO)


Time frame for receiving the compensation

Around 6 months

We communicate with insurance companies (YES/NO) Yes
We provide tailored services for claiming compensation (YES/NO)


No win no fee policy (Yes/NO) Yes

When can I claim compensation after a car accident?

Persons who suffered injuries after a car accident without fault are suggested to think of claiming compensation. Our team offered support to numerous clients and their families for claiming compensation after a car accident. We use the car injury claim calculator in order to see how much money you can receive. Here is information about compensations after a car accident:

  1.  Our team of personal injury lawyers in London will take your case and explain your rights from the beginning.
  2.  The accident claim calculation is made with support offered by our team.
  3.  Then, clients will find out how much money they can receive after a car crash claim calculation.
  4.  We will commence the process, in order to receive the car accident claim payouts.

The entire process might get sensitive for clients and their families, especially if severe injuries are involved. Our car accident claims calculator will tell you how much money you can receive in this situation, so please feel free to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers in London. Compensations can be claimed by passengers, drivers, or pedestrians involved in a car accident, so if you find yourself in this situation, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Support offered by our personal injury solicitors in London

Car accidents can have serious consequences and can change the life of a person and his/her family quite fast. It is recommended to pay attention to the support of a personal injury lawyer in London who can handle cases like car accidents, where drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists are involved. Our no win, no fee policy is presented from the beginning to our clients, mentioning that we will use the car crash claims calculator before anything else. We will:

  •  Investigate the case and the circumstances of the accident;
  •  Solicit the support of experts in this field before using the car injury clam calculator;
  • Verify the medical documents and health status;
  •  Initiate the process to claim compensation after a car accident.

Car accidents are life-changing, so persons dealing with such a situation might not be able to work for a while or for an unspecified period of time. All the aspects involved in a car accident will be attentively measured by our team of advisors, in order to prepare the case, also helped by the car accident claims calculator.

FAQ about compensations after car accidents

1. How do I claim compensation after a car accident?

We invite you to get in touch with one of our personal injury solicitors in London and find out how we can help you in this situation. We are at your disposal with legal advice and guidance if you have been a victim of a car accident.

2. What evidence is necessary for a car accident claim compensation?

All documents associated with a car accident are required, such as photos, memos, receipts, and bills related to the medical care, employment letter showing your work has been affected. These will help our advisors with the accident claim calculation for your case.

3. How much compensation can I claim in a car accident case?

The claim compensation will depend on the type of accident, circumstances, and consequences. Complete verification of your case will be made before using the car accident claims calculator.

4. What is a car injury claim calculator?

A car accident claims calculator is the type of tool that helps our personal injury solicitors in London calculate the compensation for car accidents. Such a calculator will solicit information about the type of injury, and the level of severity.

5. What are the most common injuries in a car accident?

Spinal injuries, bone fractures, whiplash, organs damage, loss of members, loss of senses, head damages are among the common injuries met in a car accident.

Here are some facts and figures about car accidents in UK in 2018, provided by brake.org.uk that cites the official governmental websites:

  •  There were more than 160,000 reported casualties in road traffic accidents;
  •  58% of the total car accidents took place on rural roads, with around 1,784 deaths;
  •  More than 25,000 persons were injured in road traffic accidents in UK;
  •  More than 17,000 cyclist casualties were reported in 2018 in UK.

If you want to know more about compensations after car accidents in UK, please feel free to contact our personal injury lawyers in London.