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Amputation Claim

Amputation Claim

Our amputation claim solicitors can offer optimal solutions for those who want to ask for and receive compensation in such a case. Unpleasant amputation claim situations should not stress you because now you can request specialized help. In the following lines, you can discover some essential information about amputation compensation claims.

 Quick Facts  
When can you claim compensation after an amputation? You can claim compensation following an amputation either after the accident or within a maximum of 3 years from the date of the accident.

Cases in which you can make an amputation claim

– medical negligence,

– misdiagnosis,

– wrong treatments

Types of amputation

Loss of leg, arm, toe, feet, both legs, etc.

Are the costs of prosthesis covered? Yes, with the help of our amputation claim solicitors, you can receive compensation to cover the purchase of a prosthesis.
Eligibility criteria

The type of accident, if it was medical negligence or misdiagnosis

How much compensation can you receive? Compensation can start from £29,380 following the loss of a toe.
Can family members make an amputation claim? (YES/NO) Yes
What can amputation compensation cover?

– prostheses,

– loss of earnings,

– ability to work

What evidence and documents are required in an amputation claim? 

– medical reports,

– photos and video evidence,

– police reports

How can you make an amputation claim?

You can get in touch with our amputation claim solicitors. We will analyze the documents and the presented case, and then offer the optimal solution strategies.

Who pays compensations for amputation claim?

Insurance company, depending on the place of the accident or the one responsible

Institutions that offer support to people who have suffered limb amputations

National Health Service (NHS)

How long can the compensation process take?

A few months or years, depending on the complexity of the case

No win no fee policy

We work on the basis of no win no fee policy. Our clients are not charged if the presented case has no chance of success.

Why choose our amputation claim solicitors

We have the necessary experience in the field to be able to offer you fast and optimal solutions. Legal services at affordable costs. No win no fee policy.

How can you make amputation compensation claims?

Losing a limb is truly devastating and traumatic for a person, especially if the amputation was done by mistake or necessary after an unwanted accident. After such an experience, a period of physical recovery is needed, as much as possible, and emotional as well. Here are some cases of amputation compensation claims that you can fit into. We mention that our amputation claim solicitors are at your disposal with specialized legal advice.

  • Amputation can occur as a result of a road accident for which you were not at fault.
  • Medical negligence can be another cause of the loss of limb. You can request a leg amputation claim with the help of our specialists.
  • Diabetic amputation claims may be another option for you. It is considered clinical negligence and you have every right to ask for compensation.
  • Misdiagnosis can be the basis of a decision to amputate the leg. If it is discovered that this was not the optimal solution, but a mistake, you can apply for a leg amputation claim.
  • Work accidents represent other causes for which a person can lose a leg. The employer can respond in this situation, and you can ask for legal help for amputation compensation claims.

You have at hand the support of our amputation claim solicitors with experience in this matter. You can use all the evidence to win your rights in this unpleasant situation, so don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Amputation claim for recovery

The psychological effects can be truly devastating in the case of loss of limb, especially if this was an accident. You are entitled to make a leg amputation claim and receive the money you need for treatment. There are solutions for this type of problem, such as prostheses, but the costs are quite high. Even cases of diabetic amputation claims are treated with the utmost seriousness, and the compensations can be adequate. That is why, in order to benefit from the maximum in terms of money, we invite you to discuss this with our amputation claim solicitors. We are here to help you with loss of limb compensation.

Eligibility for amputation claim

The issue of eligibility for an amputation claim is raised before any action is taken together with our amputation claim solicitors. Thus, the presented case is analyzed to see under what circumstances the accident occurred, if you were at fault, if the employer is guilty of the situation or if it was medical negligence in your case.

As for evidence in the case of an accident followed by loss of limb, medical records, videos and photos of the accident scene, witness declaration, and police reports are required.

Amputation statistics in the UK

Below we present some statistical data about amputation cases registered in the UK:

  • According to Gov.uk, around 85 service personnel suffered an amputation due to illness or injuries, between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2022.
  • In the last 10 years, there has been a 75% increase in amputations due to medical negligence in the UK.
  • Around 122 amputation claims were settled in the UK during 2018-2019.

We invite you to contact our amputation claim solicitors to benefit from specialized legal advice. We support you in your endeavor and we can represent you.