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What to Do in Case of an Accident at Work

What to Do in Case of an Accident at Work

Work accidents may occur at any time due to different reasons, mostly related to the equipment used, worksite, and premised, or the way the activities are carried out. Persons who suffered injuries at work have the right to claim compensation. This is where our personal injury solicitors in UK can provide immediate legal advice and representation and can help individuals suffering from work accidents understand their legal rights.


What types of work accidents can occur?

Slips, trips and falls, strain injury clams, crush injury claims, manual handling accidents, needlestick injuries or workplace assault are among the type of accidents and injuries that can occur at a certain point. Here is information about work accidents for which persons can claim compensations:

  •  The most common work claim compensations are related to slip, trip, and fall at work.
  •  Strain injuries are related to the overuse of tendons, and muscles and persons who work in unusual positions – such working conditions are eligible for claim compensations.
  •  Workplace assault refers to persons who deal with threats, sexist, racial, and homophobic verbal abuse, and not limited to these – you can claim compensations.
  •  Needlestick injuries occur when sharp tools or medical devices are used by accident – infections can develop after such an injury.

These are the most common types of injuries that can happen at a workplace and for which persons can claim compensation. Our personal injury solicitors in London can help you claim compensation, as our team has extensive experience in such cases. Make sure you provide all the necessary details in order to proceed with your claim.

What types of documents do I need to make a work claim?

Medical reports and bills, expenses documents, and related papers should be sufficient for acclaim compensation. Your personal injury solicitor in London will tell you what to expect in your case and also how much compensation you can get. We use the claim compensation calculator with the information you provide to us referring to the work accident you suffered. We also mention that a claim compensation can also be made by a family member if your health status does not allow you to do so. We are at your service if you want to know more about what to do in case of an accident at work.

Will I lose my job if I claim compensation?

Making a work compensation claim should not affect your job in the future. However, if you find yourself in this difficult position, things can change because this means that you face an unfair dismissal. Please feel free to talk to our personal injury solicitors in London and request immediate legal advice on this matter.

No win no fee solicitors in London

Claiming compensations come with a specific guarantee, no matter the case you present. Our no win no fee policy is straightforward and represents a commitment in front of our clients that if there will be no compensations, no charges will be imposed. Our personal injury solicitors in London deal with a wide range of claims, including the ones related to work accidents which are among the most common. We act in the best interest of our customers and look for the best possible results. You can address your inquiries to our team and then let us offer you a free case evaluation.

Employers and responsibilities at work

According to the legislation in UK and everywhere in the world, companies and employers need to provide a safe work environment, no matter the activities involved. This means that workers, contractors, and visitors should be protected from any accidents and injuries. However, unforeseen accidents happen due to varied reasons, yet, employers must provide work safety conditions related to equipment, tools, and machinery. Also, employees must benefit from safe and organized workplaces, plus specific training in cases of workers dealing with heavy lift objects, to give an example. Persons suffering from work injuries due to inappropriate protocols and workplaces are entitled to claim compensations. Here are some interesting facts and figures about work accidents in UK:

  •  About 29% of the total work accidents involve slip, trip, and falls;
  •  According to peoplesafe.co.uk, there were reported around 581,000 self-injuries during 2018-2019;
  •  About GBP 54.5 million was the total amount of fines issued to companies found responsible for work accident;
  •  About 44% of the 1.4 million works involve in work-related illnesses suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression.

Need help and legal advice for claiming compensation in a work accident? We invite you to contact our team of personal injury solicitors in London and find out more details.