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Accident Injury Solicitors

Accident Injury Solicitors

Our accident injury solicitors are the specialists who can help you with car accident compensation. They can provide support with the necessary formalities to file a complaint and earn money from the suffering caused. Therefore, we invite you to discuss with our car accident solicitors and to find out all the legal aspects related to the whole process.

How can accident solicitors help you?

Undoubtedly, a car accident is unpleasant and leaves behind quite serious consequences, in the vast majority of cases. Although there is a notion that accident claims are expensive, and the process of recovering damages takes time, in reality, things are quite simple. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that our road traffic accident solicitors can deal with so that you can better understand why you need to act in a timely manner:

  • Our accident injury solicitors will initiate a discussion to find out everything related to the car accident suffered.
  • You will be asked for information and evidence such as medical reports, police, and even photo and video materials.
  • Your personal injury rights will be explained to you.
  • Our road traffic accident solicitors will then use claim computer compensation to be able to estimate the amount of money you can earn as compensation for personal injuries.
  • If the clients agree, they proceed to the proceedings and contact the insurance companies and other authorities that may be involved in the process.

Clients should be aware that they will receive legal advice throughout the process from our road accident solicitors. We will make sure that things go in the right direction, and that they have the right compensation for the suffering they have suffered. Feel free to discuss more with our accident injury solicitors.

Types of car accidents for which you can claim compensation

Our car accident solicitors have experience in this case and have often faced various cases such as:

  • Car accidents involving pedestrians and/or cyclists.
  • Malfunctioning vehicles that caused accidents.
  • Car accidents without insurance policies.
  • Whiplash injury after car accidents.
  • Victims involved in car accidents, whether drivers or pedestrians.

These are just a few examples of accidents involving cars, drivers, and pedestrians. If you are involved in such cases, we invite you to seek specialized help from our car accident solicitors who have experience in this case.

Amputation claims

Our accident claims lawyers can help you in cases where, following an accident, you had to have a limb amputated. Such cases are really unpleasant and can appear when you least expect them. You must know that family members can collaborate with us, if you cannot, from a medical point of view. Our accident injury solicitor can explain the steps to make a claim for the amputation suffered. You will be asked for information about the accident, as well as video and photo evidence, where applicable.

Therefore, if you want to make an amputation claim, please contact us right away. Our accident solicitors are at your disposal with legal advice and support in this endeavor.

Medical negligence injuries – How can you be helped?

With the help of our accident claims lawyers, you can claim compensation for medical negligence if they intervened following an unwanted accident or a wrong diagnosis. There are unpleasant situations in which doctors are accused of negligence in the care and treatment of a patient. Not only that, but you may want specialized treatments for suffered injuries, but if you suffer from medical negligence, you can ask for help. Our accident injury solicitors can offer you the necessary legal support in this endeavor, so do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

Accidents at work

It often happens that workers are involved in unwanted work accidents. Handling broken equipment, trips and falls are situations for which you should ask for specialized help from our accident claims lawyers. They have the necessary experience and can offer you legal support immediately. It is very important to have specialized legal advice in order to make a claim for personal injuries and win your rights. On the other hand, compensation is offered depending on the type of personnel injured, its severity, and the consequences. We use the necessary tools to be able to offer you the help you need in this endeavor, so do not hesitate to contact our accident solicitors.

Steps in making a claim, helped by our accident solicitors

We recommend those who face accidents and injuries contact one of our personal injury lawyers in London in order to file a claim. Our accident claims lawyers can explain some of the procedures and formalities:

  • Regardless of the situation you are in and the accident you have had, you need to have video and photo materials at hand to support the case.
  • Our accident solicitors can then make an assessment of the presented case, and then communicate with the insurance company for compensation.
  • You can use the compensation claim calculator to find out how much money you can receive. Thus, an amount can be estimated.
  • The compensation should cover the treatments following personal injuries, and the recovery costs in case you cannot work for a while.
  • Our accident claims lawyers can represent your interests and offer the best option to be able to win the correct compensation.

It is good to know that you can make injury claims within a period of 3 years from the date of the accident. Also, a family member can help you in this endeavor, if you cannot take care of yourself due to your health. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our accident solicitors.

Choose our no win no fee policy

When looking for accident claim solicitors you need to see what kind of services they offer. While some companies are firm in terms of the costs for the services offered, others explain the collaboration policy from the beginning. This is also the case with our specialists who offer customer protection with the help of a no win no fee policy. This means that charging for the legal services provided will be made only if the case presented has a chance of winning. This can be determined from the beginning, before initiating the compensation process by our road traffic accident solicitors.
Next, our car accident solicitors will explain your rights to you and the next steps will be taken, namely, the establishment of a compensation amount, calculated by our road accident solicitors. Here are some statistics on road accidents in the UK in 2020, provided by Brake.org.uk:

  • There have been around 1,500 road deaths in the UK.
  • About 60 serious injuries were recorded every day, following traffic accidents.
  • 24% is the percentage of deaths among pedestrians in car accidents in traffic.

Want to talk more about claim compensation with our accident injury solicitors? We invite you to contact us and discover our legal services. Our personal injury solicitors in London can help you.