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Accident at Work Solicitors

Accident at Work Solicitors

Accident at work solicitors can help people who have had personal injuries at work to receive compensation. It all starts with an initial assessment in order to find out the circumstances and consequences of the accident in which you were involved. Then comes the negotiations with the insurance companies, initiated by our injury at work solicitors. Find out in this article how you can be helped by our specialists.

Types of accidents at work – Our workplace injury solicitor can explain

If you are involved in a work accident and have suffered personal injuries, then you should seek compensation. Our workplace injury solicitor can tell you what you need to do to earn money after a claim. But until then, you can discover some types of work accidents for which you can claim compensation:

  • Slips, trips, and falls.
  • Machinery-related accidents.
  • Injured by malfunctioning equipment.
  • Fire and explosions at the workplace.
  • Caught in moving machinery.
  • Overexertion injuries or repetitive stress at work.

If you are involved in these types of accidents at work, our accident at work solicitors recommend that you seek compensation. Your case may be solid and you may have a chance to win from the start, so don’t pass the time. Discuss more with our injury at work solicitors.

Family members can collaborate with our workplace injury solicitor

Our team of accident at work solicitors has been involved in many accidents at work cases and has managed to negotiate for substantial compensation. If you have had personal injuries after a work accident and you cannot contact us due to your health condition, find out that your family can help you. In other words, family members can discuss the accident with us and claim compensation. Compensation is normally claimed for 3 years from the date of the accident. But it is recommended that you act as soon as possible and earn your rights. Our accident at work solicitors can represent you and apply for compensation.

Our injury at work solicitors work with no won no fee policy

What is good to know from the beginning of our collaboration is that our workplace injury solicitor works on a no win no fee policy. In other words, if your case has no chance of success, then you will not pay any fees. Obviously, things change when the compensation amount is determined, but you can discuss all the details with our accident at work solicitors.

Why choose our injury at work solicitors

It may seem difficult to choose a specialist to deal with your case involving accidents at work. If you call on our team of injury at work solicitors you will discover complete legal services, dedication, involvement, and professionalism. Our clients can rely on trust and transparency when working with us because we adopt the necessary strategies to obtain the correct compensation. Here are some statistics on work accidents provided by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK for the period 2020-2021:

  • More than 1.7 million people have been injured.
  • Around 822,000 workers said they were stressed and depressed because of their jobs.
  • There were 142 deaths at work, according to the same statistics.

Want to know more about the legal services offered by our accident at work solicitors? We invite you to contact our law firm and benefit from personalized offers. We are here to guide you throughout the process to claim your entitled compensation.